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Who we are

MGI Assurance Auditores Independentes is an audit firm based in Curitiba – Paraná State (PR), composed of a team of professionals specialized in the financial, accounting and tax areas.


Ethics, professionalism, initiative and customized services to our clients.


We provide support to our clients, as auditors or consultants, in meeting their financial disclosure needs before their shareholders, applicable regulators, creditors and the market, in general, with credibility, accuracy and objectivity.


Clear and outright communications, prompt responses to clients’ needs and compliance with the established deadlines.

With global presence, we provide support to our clients for them to set up and develop their business locally and abroad, with the advantage of offering world-class high quality customized services of a professional and independent firm, with more than 5,200 professionals in 92 countries around the world.

Our partners

Karin Monchak

Karin majored in Accounting Sciences from the Federal University of Paraná in 1990, and has built a successful career in the so-called “Big 4” audit firms over more than 18 years. She worked in Curitiba, São Paulo and Bangkok, gathering experience in auditing and in the capital markets area, specializing in US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

She founded MGI Assurance Auditores Independentes in 2012 and has developed an audit and consulting practice with intense participation in projects of investment funds, mainly relating to credit rights as well as providing services to companies in various industries.

Eliza Guerreiro Vieira

She majored in Accounting Sciences from the Social Studies Foundation of Paraná in 2012 and has worked in the accounting area since 2009.

She has been a member of the MGI Assurance Auditores Independentes team since 2015, developing the audit and consulting practice, with participation in engagements for small and medium-sized companies and investment funds, as well as conducting reviews of internal controls and reviews of direct and indirect taxes.

Our difference

At MGI we dedicate special attention to each and every client. Throughout the world, we believe that strong professional relationships and trust are built only on the basis of respect, clear communications and attention to the commitments assumed.

MGI Worldwide member firms are led by their partners. We know the day-to-day activities of our clients, their challenges and their goals. We know what it means to be an entrepreneur and we understand their business, not just their accounts.

MGI Worldwide is present on every continent and in every world-class economic hub. We have member firms in more than 85 countries, and we have been experiencing continuous growth. Whatever the level of complexity of our clients’ needs, we have in our network the experience and knowledge to help them.

Our quality

If your Company targets the challenging middle market, you know that success depends on defining your potential customer and modelling your products and services to meet their needs.

We at MGI organize to meet the needs created by the international expansion of middle-market companies. Our worldwide members are experienced business advisors in their countries. They lead their practices personally and are the main contact persons for their clients. Foremost, they value their international MGI membership and welcome the liaison of the clients’ international service partners.

The focus on personal attention is the hallmark of our client service strategy. The staff on the team serving our clients are important resources, but close supervision and scrutiny by our partners are the key to our standards of quality. This includes clear and outright communications, prompt responses and respect to commitments. These values make up the defining criteria for differentiating our services.

And, if you are strict about uniform levels of quality in your service providers, be certain that we do, too. Our permanent quality review program assures that each of our member firms is independently and periodically assessed with regard to ethical and professional practices.

At MGI we are personal, we talk business, and we act global.

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